Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!

    Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.

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    Intro Track: Drugs by Alltta (Instrumental)



  • HenneC
    HenneC  53 minutes ago

    i already preordered it and am super psyched

  • Fury Prophet 47
    Fury Prophet 47  an hour ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is 100% my next phone and since my current phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge it will be a massive spec bump

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson  6 hours ago

    Its really not enough change for me to upgrade from a Note 8.

  • Why Not Dead
    Why Not Dead  6 hours ago

    How many years did Apple reuse the same model tho I believe 6-8 and the X is the only change I bet the 9 will be exactly like the others.

  • Solemn Package
    Solemn Package  7 hours ago

    I just wished they still had removable backs. I love my Samsung Galaxy s8 but the battery drains quickly now. Wish I could just easily switch it. First time bumping up to a note because the battery is significantly better. Hopefully...

  • pso89
    pso89  8 hours ago

    ill be picking mine up Friday!!

  • スパイシーな男の子

    It's obviously a good phone, but it doesn't seem meaningfully different from last year's model. This is why I don't really follow tech news anymore.

  • Martin Lynch
    Martin Lynch  9 hours ago

    Nice to see Samsung trying to catch up with the latest Huawei series of top end phones at last.

  • Swift Buddha
    Swift Buddha  10 hours ago

    The phone that sets the bar for all others !!

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra  10 hours ago

    "30 minutes of charge within 40 seconds." **Samsung note explosion/fire flashbacks**

  • Erica Sucks
    Erica Sucks  10 hours ago

    Like the start music Alttta best music I hear

  • ZMMN
    ZMMN  10 hours ago

    Underrated Overpriced (y)

  • Tommy Popescu
    Tommy Popescu  12 hours ago

    Watch from 4:45 to 5:47.
    Thank me later

  • bdougwrx
    bdougwrx  12 hours ago

    Just ordered 2. ATT BOGO

  • Nate Leath
    Nate Leath  15 hours ago

    Who makes these killer beats? Well done:)

  • Black Stone
    Black Stone  15 hours ago

    First Samsung phone I actually consider good-looking.

  • XtremeGamer
    XtremeGamer  17 hours ago

    I've preordered the 512gb version in midnight black..can't wait...

  • Tessa Mae Mata
    Tessa Mae Mata  18 hours ago

    beautiful phone. makes me want to buy one even though I am waiting for next yr's release. ><,

  • benq.
    benq.  19 hours ago

    pls gimme the fortnite galaxy skin u got w/ the note 9 :D imma be the default god

  • abed haj yihia
    abed haj yihia  20 hours ago

    you missed the dual speakers...not front facing but still really good ones